6 aussie slang definitions
  • all to pieces

    Decadence. To fall away.
  • cropper

    A fall.
  • kersplosh

    To fall heavily.
  • pack, to go to the

    To fall away; to collapse.
  • ruddy

    To Do A 'Ruddy' - To be at the top of your game and the toast of the town, then, in a blink of an eye fall from grace to the bottomless pits of despair. When all is lost and your future is doomed, you miraculously recover and are restored to your former position out of no where - once again, at the top of your game. Kevin Rudd 'Ruddy', Former Australian Prime Minister, Labor Back Bench, Australian Prime Minister. 2007-Present. Having won leadership and the election in 2007, Ruddy was removed from power overnight in a classic 'knifed in the back' by the Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard in 2010. After 3 long years sitting on the back bench, he miraculously is voted back to the position of Prime Minister out of no where to lead the Australian Labor party to the next federal election.
  • drop bear

    A dangerous Australian marsupial found typically around the coast line, although often ventures inland. The Drop Bear spends most of its life hidden in tree canopies and is the only native predator of humans on the continent. Drop Bears have been known to strike during the day, however they are most active at night and will wait for campers or other prey to fall asleep before attacking. It is important to always employ the buddy system when camping in Australia. Carry a radio, personal locator beacon or satellite phone, plenty of food and water, and always carry Drop Bear repellent.