give it a go

10 aussie slang definitions
  • alley, to toss in the

    To give in.
  • beat up

    To give a thrashing.
  • bowyangs

    Straps or string tied below the knee outside the trousers, to give the leg freedom.
  • chuck up

    To give in.
  • flutter

    To give a trial.
  • give it a go

    To make an attempt.
  • hand out

    To give.
  • king hit

    A sucker punch used by cowards to drop a victim to the pavement or bar-room floor & give their sorry egos a boost.
  • crabbed it

    Muscal Dudes and Dudettes, If, a big if, you ever get sick of hearing this come from your speekars let us know and Dermott come give you a peice of his mind. The album will be epic. New Dark side of the moon.
  • cow lick

    A practical joke in which you give the recipient a big lick up the side of the face.